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Water service interruption during water tie in & Commissioning tomorrow, September 19th

Posted On September 18, 2023

Water service interruption during water tie in & Commissioning tomorrow, September 19th

Sept 19, 2023


Impact to: TSD, New Horizons, 15 Royal, 29 Marchand,11322,11316,11307,11304 Westside Rd.

This notice DOES NOT interrupt the Immersion School at 16 Bonneau Rd or other surrounding buildings or residents.

The 8 hour period of water service interruptions will likely occur during September 19, 2023. We plan that the water interruptions will fall on the date outlined below; however, the exact dates of the water service interruptions depend on water testing and conditions. The final dates will be communicated on the OKIB Facebook pages, and website.

September 19, 2023: Tie-In

Impact to: community members on Band water systems who reside at the following address:

12,8,4 Bonneau Rd, 15 Royal, 29 Marchand,11322, 11316, 11307, 11304 Westside Rd.

Impact: full interruption of water service for approximately 8 hours starting at 8:30am

Why this impact is necessary: this allows for construction and flushing activities. Our construction team will be completing the tie-in of the 300mm new water pipeline in parallel with the existing 150mm waterline. Once water service resumes, affected residents should flush their water system by running all their taps (e.g., kitchen tap, bathroom tap, shower heads, bathtub taps) for approximately 10 minutes at a low rate to allow for air removal and new water introduction.

To prepare for this water interruption, please have additional water storage on hand for activities like hand washing, drinking, and cooking of small items. Please be aware that activities with high water usage, such as showering, watering plants, etc., will not be feasible during the water interruption hours.

We acknowledge that this is a disruption to your day-to-day living, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. This is one of the most critical steps to the project, and we look forward to

completing it. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns to share please reach out to

Jolene Vincent (OKIB’s Director of Public Works) at [email protected]