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McDougall Fire update August 18 @ 1130 hrs

Posted On August 18, 2023

Members, weather reports indicate the winds have shifted and are blowing the fire away from OKIB reserves; however, things can change at any time, so please remain vigilant.

The fires are currently 20 km away from the closest OKIB reserve. The fire is estimated at 6,800 hectares in size.

As reported earlier, Central Okanagan Emergency Operations has issued an Evacuation Alert for an area west of Highway 97. The expanded Evacuation Alert does not apply to any reserve lands at this time.

An Evacuation Alert does not mean people are being evacuated. An Evacuation Alert is usually issued to ensure people are aware that at some point in the future they may be asked to evacuate. The next level is an Evacuation Order, which is an official notice that people must evacuate.

As of August 18 at 1130hrs, the official Evacuation Order area is south of La Casa Resort. OKIB staff are in touch with CORD on a regular basis as it relates to Duck Lake IR#7. Information can be found also on the CORD Emergency website at