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Fraud Alert - Telephone scams

Posted On November 17, 2022

Way’ OKIB Community,

Please be aware that there are currently a number of telephone scams circulating within our area. Particularly, scammers are calling in identifying as family members (children/grandchildren), stating that they’ve either been arrested, robbed or in an accident. The scammer will continue to request money for their “release” from jail or otherwise. The RCMP would encourage community not to disclose personal/financial information to anyone over the phone. If someone contacts you, identifies as a police officer, customs officer, or government official, and asks for any of these things or threatens you in any way, end the call immediately.

Please consider the following if you suspect a fraudulent phone call:

  • -Consult with a family member or friend about the situation;
  • -Verify identity or whereabouts of the caller, even if they make mention of “not telling” family members;
  • -Consider contacting the company/agency that the caller has identified themselves from to confirm legitimacy;
  • -Do not feel pressured to immediately disclose personal/financial information or send money;
  • -Notify the Armstong RCMP Detachment (250-546-3028).


Cst. Kyle Camalush

Vernon North Okanagan Rural RCMP

Indigenous Policing Services