Six Mile/Bradley & Irish Creek/Head of the Lake Water Systems Improvements Project

The Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) is working with subject matter experts on a collaborative approach that will improve water quality and ensure accountability and environmental stewardship throughout the process. The project involves upgrades to the Irish Creek/Head of the Lake and Six Mile/Bradley community water systems. The entire system will be constructed within OKIB's IR #1. While water is provided by nature, many of us rely on a network of pipes, pumps, storage reservoirs, equipment, and people provided by our community’s water systems to deliver water to our buildings. We want to ensure this is done in a responsible way.

Water System Commissioning Tips and Tricks

During the month of August, OKIB will start commissioning its new water system components, which will last a few months. Commissioning will be a gradual and phased process, where each component is completed in order; this helps us account for summertime water usage and fire protection.

More flushing of the system will occur later in the Fall once water demand has lessened. Starting in September 2022, water will start flowing from the Six Mile/Bradley system, and you may begin to notice changes to your water.

Further improvements will continue once the new reservoir is fully constructed in the Fall. Until the reservoir is completed, please continue to be cautious with water consumption. Stay tuned to the OKIB website for details about the reservoir completion and other project updates.

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Water Conservation Schedule for Band water systems

Members, please see the Water conservation schedule for Band waters systems for the month of August:

Project Construction Notices

Construction Update

Water Improvement Groundbreaking Ceremony through photos

February 4, 2022

Watch the Facebook Live stream of the project kick-off event

Funding Announced to Improve Water Systems at Okanagan Indian Band

Click here to read the announcement.