Six Mile/Bradley & Irish Creek/Head of the Lake Water Systems Improvements Project

The Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) is working with subject matter experts on a collaborative approach that will improve water quality and ensure accountability and environmental stewardship throughout the process. The project involves upgrades to the Irish Creek/Head of the Lake and Six Mile/Bradley community water systems. The entire system will be constructed within OKIB's IR #1. While water is provided by nature, many of us rely on a network of pipes, pumps, storage reservoirs, equipment, and people provided by our community’s water systems to deliver water to our buildings. We want to ensure this is done in a responsible way.

Project Construction Notices

Watch OKIB's Water Project Success story

Watch the story unfold as the collaborative 'Integrated Project Delivery' approach OKIB has taken along with Urban Systems, Bird Dawson Joint Venture and Trade partners help solve water quality issues at OKIB for Irish Creek and Head of the Lake communities.

Irish Creek and Head of the Lake Water Advisory lifted

Way' Members, First Nations Health Authority has now lifted the Water Advisory for the Irish Creek and Head of the Lake water systems. Below you'll find some guidelines for ensuring your water is safe for drinking as well as some tips and tricks.

Water Improvement Groundbreaking Ceremony through photos

February 4, 2022

Watch the Facebook Live stream of the project kick-off event