Pebble Park housing development

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Pebble Park Development

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Construction is underway at Pebble Park

Notice of Selection of OKIB Pebble Park 6-Units RTO Tenants

June 18, 2020

OKIB PWH has contacted and interviewed the selected applicants for the Pebble Park 6 Units RTO 2020 project, and so, the units are allocated. Due to the confidential nature of Housing applications, PWH will not publish names of those families selected.

Most importantly, OKIB PWH received a great many applications/interest from the many qualified and deserving applicants. Unfortunately, demand for the units far exceeded the supply. PWH applied for and received the maximum number of units; and PWH will continue to apply for the maximum number of units to meet the needs of our community.

Should any vacancies/opportunities become available within the year of your application, your application will be considered.

Thank-you for your interest in OKIB Housing and your continued support of PWH.

PWH is working on a BC Housing application for 4-four-plex units ( 1& 2 bdrm units), so stay tuned.

Yours truly,

Brad Janvier
Director of Public Works & Housing (PWH)

Floor plans

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