Policies & Bylaws

Band bylaws, policies and certain procedures are approved by Chief and Council to provide guidelines for interactions and services that affect members, residents, staff and businesses.

Funeral Protocol Approved

History of the Development and purpose of the Cannabis Control Law (CCL)

Chief and Council have requested that we survey members over the coming weeks to gather your thoughts on the Cannabis Control Law, which has been in effect since May 2020.

This document provides information on the history and development of the CCL

Chief and Council approved two news policies at the September 13, 2021 Band Council forum

The Funeral Protocol (2021) replaces the Funeral Protocol that was approved in 2015. Like the Funeral Protocol (2015), the new Funeral Protocol only applies to Council and Council Committee meetings and ensures that Council and Council Committees respectfully observe an OKIB member’s passing. In addition, the Funeral Protocol (2021) maintains the underlying principles of the Funeral Protocol (2015) with some modifications. Two items of note: first, there are now different protocols for wakes or funerals that occur “on” or “off” reserve; second, Council and Committee members are now provided authority to decide whether a meeting shall be postponed as well as authority to reschedule when the meeting will be held.

The Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy, which was also approved that night, will provide staff and administration with a common set of rules and guidelines based in law that will govern behavior and expectations in the workplace. Every organization in B.C. is required by law to have a workplace harassment and violence prevention policy.

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