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Band bylaws, policies and certain procedures are approved by Chief and Council to provide guidelines for interactions and services that affect members, residents, staff and businesses.

Property Taxation on Reserve

The Okanagan Indian Band has been looking at the issue of implementing property taxation on reserve for over 30 years, the last time was in 2008. Since 2008, many things have changed. Council wants to make sure that OKIB members have accurate information about property taxation so you can give guidance as to how to proceed. The goal of this page is to paint a clear and accurate picture of the issues around introducing property taxation on reserve.

Click here to visit our Property Taxation web page.

Draft Code of Conduct policy available for review

Council made a motion that the Code of Conduct policy be placed on the website for 6 weeks and that Council would like members to review the policy and provide feedback.

Click here to read the draft Code of Conduct policy.

Please send your comments to:

Michael Winstanley
Manager, Policy and Strategic Initiatives
[email protected]

250-542-4328 ext. 1012

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