Lands Designation

“Designation” is a term used to describe the process whereby OKIB electors authorize the federal government (“Canada”) to manage, lease and carry out other transactions affecting the lands in accordance with the terms of the designation. Once designated, the lands remain part of OKIB’s reserve and may only be leased for the purposes authorized by the designation. The vote will be held February 1, 2023.


The OKIB has an upcoming amendment and new designation vote to be held on February 1, 2023.

The amendment of designation and new designation will both amend the past designation and designate lands for the purposes indicated in the Amendment of Designation and Designation Document attached as Annex “A” to the Notice of Referendum. One combined vote will be conducted for the amendment of designation and new designation.

The vote will take place by way of a “Referendum” in accordance with the Indian Act (Canada) and applicable regulations. OKIB is providing this information to membership as an overview of the proposed Designation and to provide information being considered for the Lands.

These parcels were the subject of a designation vote held on January 28, 2021. As you may know, there was an issue with the mail-in ballots which a follow up to a call between Catherine Lapp, then Regional Director General (RDG), David Russell, Director of LED, Chief Byron Louis, and Lee Anne Cameron, Director of Lands. As such OKIB Council has decided to initiate another referendum.

The major change to the current designation is that the lease with Champion Canada (formerly known as SRI Homes) will be held by Canada on behalf of OKIB and the rents will be based on the estimate of market rent for the area to be leased by Champion Canada International ULC (formerly Sri Homes Inc.). The first five-year period is set at $1.3 m for the first five year period, and rent reviews will take place every five years to the end of lease term to determine fair market rent.

On this page you will find a number of documents which should provide you with some information on the designation as well as instructions as to how to vote.

For further information please contact Sherry Louis at either [email protected] or 250-542-3444. If you have not received your voting package from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), please contact us asap and we will ensure you are provided the package.

Notice of Referendum

Video: How to fill out your ballot

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