Glenda Louis, Community Employment Lead

Wai, iskʷist Glenda Louis. Many may know me from the community and for those that may not, I come from a large family. My parents are the late Emery and Lucy Louis, and I was raised at Madeline Lake. My siblings include 5 brothers and 5 sisters and many sister-cousins; and also the proud mother of JJ & Sabrina.

My employment journey with OKIB began in July 1999 as the Patient Travel & NIHB Clerk before transitioning into the Administrative Assistant to the Health Director for six years. From there I moved to the Education Department and assisted the Education Manager for eight years. For me, my career pathing and advancing my education and skills created opportunities within Employment & Training as the Coordinator for 5 years and evolving as the Program Lead in Social Development for two years. Further opportunities to achieve organizational goals to a one year secondment as the Community Engagement Lead and advancing to my current role as the Community Employment Lead.

The past 22 years investment in our organization has afforded many intangible qualifications and skills that create benefit and skills in working with our membership and the public, including the relationships and partnerships with industry. Understanding our employment needs, the education requirements to get there and bridging gaps with the market are instrumental to meeting our community successes.

I look forward to being an asset to the Human Resources & Development Team as Community Employment Lead where I will oversee the Pre-Employment Supports Program, Indigenous Labour Market Information Workforce Database, and Employment Engagement with external industries.

I truly enjoy the advocacy for our members and community to be successful in all of their endeavors and the best part of the job is hearing the happiness and pride in their voices once they realized they have succeed; and their success is all of their own doing and no one can take that away from them. Those days makes me smile!

Glenda Louis
76 Head of the Lake Road
Vernon, BC V1H 2A2

Phone: 236-599-4018
Email: [email protected]