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Click here to read our Voter Instruction Guide.

Click here to read our Voter Instruction Guide.

​​Watch this video as the electoral officer demonstrates how to return your ballot

Watch the video of the January 20, 2021 information meeting

Duck Lake Land Designation vote moved to HOL Hall

The Duck Lake Land Designation Vote is confirmed for Tuesday, January 28, 2021, and the location has been moved to Head of the Lake Hall. For safety reasons we are encouraging members to vote by mail using the mail-in ballot that was mailed to you from Indigenous Services Canada. Click here to read our Voter Instruction Guide. Also you can watch this video as the electoral officer demonstrates how to fill out and return your ballot.

In advance of the vote on January 28, we have provided this summary of the Governance and Fiscal Agreement (GFA) between the OKIB and the OKIB Group of Companies for your information:

News Release: Indigenous owned and operated water utility launching through new partnership model

The Okanagan Indian Band Group of Companies to create community-led, owned and operated water utility through a Public-Private-Community Partnership (PPCP) approach

December 14, 2020 – Vernon, B.C. – The first Indigenous owned and operated water utility in Canada developed by way of Public-Private-Community Partnership (PPCP), is a step closer to reality with a formal agreement signed last month between the Okanagan Indian Band Group of Companies (OKIB GC), EPCOR and Enterprise Canada.

The companies will identify commercial opportunities in utilities-related infrastructure, including water, wastewater and irrigation management systems, to provide quality drinking water and ensure adequate firefighting supply to serve the Okanagan Indian Band’s reserve lands...

Follow this link to read the entire news release.

Watch the Presentation from the November 18 Community Meeting


Duck Lake Land Designation Vote

The Okanagan Indian Band, coordinated through OKIB Management Services, will be holding a referendum to commercially designate 52 acres on the Duck Lake reserve for new economic leasing purposes.

Designated Lands are lands the members of the Okanagan Indian Band have agreed to lease for economic development purposes as set out in the designation, they can be used for things like commercial, agricultural, recreational, or other purposes which are voted on by the members according to the rules of the Indian Referendum Regulation. It is important to note that designated lands remain reserve lands.

A passing of the new designation would mean economic development opportunities with certain types of businesses. For greater clarity here is a list of what the land can and cannot be used for:

The lands can be used for:

  • animal clinic
  • auctioneering establishments
  • autobody repair and paint shops
  • automotive recreation vehicle services
  • brewing or distilling
  • bulk fuel depots
  • business support services
  • call centres
  • cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensary facilities
  • car washes
  • commercial storage
  • concrete plants
  • contractor services
  • crematorium
  • custom indoor manufacturing
  • drive-through vehicle services
  • educational or training facilities
  • equipment rental, sales and repair shops
  • emergency and protective services
  • financial services
  • fleet services
  • food primary establishments
  • funeral services
  • gas bars
  • yard scape and aggregate supply
  • government agencies
  • high technology research and product design
  • hostels and hotels
  • household repair services
  • industrial processing
  • kennels
  • lumber yards and facilities
  • manufacturing and repair shops
  • nurseries and greenhouses
  • offices, construction and development industry
  • outdoor storage
  • participant recreation services, indoor
  • recycling depots, plants and materials drop-off centres
  • restaurants
  • retail stores
  • service stations
  • storage facilities and yard space
  • temporary shelter services,
  • truck and mobile home sales/rentals
  • utility services
  • vehicle and equipment services, industrial and agricultural
  • warehouse facilities and sales, and
  • wrecking yards.

The lands cannot be used for:

  • a slaughterhouse
  • storage of toxic chemicals
  • a chemical treatment plant
  • a waste disposal facility
  • a bulk fuel refinery.

The OKIB Management Services LP Annual Report 2020 provides important information about the performance of our operations over the past 12 months. This document is available on the Members Only section of our website.

The Quarterly Report provides the most current report for the period January to March 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can vote?

In accordance with the Indian Referendum Regulations an individual is eligible to vote in a designation vote if they are a member of the OKIB, is a least 18 years of age and not disqualified from voting in the election.

What determines a successful vote?

A designation vote is successful if a majority of those who participate in the vote, vote in favor of the designation (simple majority) regardless of the number of persons eligible to vote in the referendum. That is, 50% plus one of those who participate must cast a ballot in favour of the designation.

What happens after a successful vote?

Following a successful designation vote, the OKIB will submit a Band Council Resolution requesting that the Minister accept the designation. Indigenous Services Canada Regional Staff will prepare a Ministerial Order submission for the Minister’s consideration. The Lands cannot be leased until such time as the designation has been accepted by the Minister.

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