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OKIB Group of Companies issues dividend to Band

April 22, 2021

The OKIB Group of Companies (OKIB GC) today presented its first dividend cheque to the Okanagan Indian Band in the amount of $450,000.

This disbursement is the first of many that the Band expects to receive over the coming years. The Group was started by OKIB to run the Band’s economic development activities, and having business experts operating in our interests is proving profitable.

The disbursement represents an ongoing fulfillment of the agreement between the Band and OKIB GC.

“The companies managed by OKIB GC had a good year,” said Greg Kazakoff, interim CEO of OKIB GC. “Forestry and our UXO project were both profitable. Next year should be even better with the start-up of our gravel pit operations and the completion of Phase I of our Duck Lake commercial real estate development in Lake Country.”

As businesses under the oversight of The Group continue to grow in number and profitability, the disbursements are expected to keep pace with the overall growth.

Donn Kim, Chief Financial Officer and Tetku Marchand, Business Development Coordinator of the OKIB Group of Companies hold the big cheque for $450,000, which represents the payment to OKIB.

Indigenous owned and operated water utility launching through new partnership model

The Okanagan Indian Band Group of Companies to create community-led, owned and operated water utility through a Public-Private-Community Partnership (PPCP) approach

December 14, 2020 – Vernon, B.C. – The first Indigenous owned and operated water utility in Canada developed by way of Public-Private-Community Partnership (PPCP), is a step closer to reality with a formal agreement signed last month between the Okanagan Indian Band Group of Companies (OKIB GC), EPCOR and Enterprise Canada.

The companies will identify commercial opportunities in utilities-related infrastructure, including water, wastewater and irrigation management systems, to provide quality drinking water and ensure adequate firefighting supply to serve the Okanagan Indian Band’s reserve lands...

Follow this link to read the entire news release.

Annual and Quarterly Reports

The OKIB Management Services LP Annual Report 2020 provides important information about the performance of our operations over the past 12 months. This document is available on the Members Only section of our website.

The Quarterly Report provides the most current report for the period January to March 2020.

OKIBGC Corporate Structure

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Trevor Thera
Chief Executive Officer
OKIB Management Services LP
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Donn Kim, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
OKIB Management Services LP
[email protected]

Tetku Marchand
Business Development Coordinator
OKIB Management Services LP
[email protected]

Sharnelle Paul
Finance and Administrative Assistant
OKIB Management Services LP
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Rob Rice
Project Manager
OKIB Management Services LP
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Andy Groom
OKIB Forestry LP
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Juanita Goulet
Scale Shack Attendant
Luke Paul Flats Gravel Pit
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