OKIB Fire Department

The Okanagan Indian Band Fire Department has been serving the community on reserve since 1985 and is committed to providing the community with medical and fire first response. The Fire Dept now has 5 apparatuses in service and 25 Members. The Current Chief is Dave Lawrence who has been Fire Chief from 2003 to present. OKIB Fire Chief [email protected] 250-306-7027 Fire Hall (non-emergency) 250-542-9212 In the event of an emergency call 9-1-1

OKIB Fire Protection Service Bylaw - Locatee Service areas

Please see the attached Google earth mapping of Proposed Locatee Fire Protection service areas: Click here

Image below: example of proposed Locatee Fire Protection service areas.

Propane and Natural gas safety tips

Here are some Safety tips regarding household natural gases and how you can ensure you stay safe while using them.

Fire Safety home escape tips

Way’ Members, Here are some tips from the OKIB Fire Department Operations Manager on how you and your family can stay safe in the event of a house fire:

Pet Emergency preparedness tips

Way' Members, Here are a few more tips from the OKIB Fire Dept Operations Manager emergency for those with pets: Pet emergency preparedness tips

Smoking Cannabis and Fire Safety

If you smoke – be it cannabis or tobacco – do so outside and only where it is permitted, and encourage friends or family who smoke to do the same.

If you do smoke inside, use large, deep ashtrays. Be cautious when smoking on sofas and couches – a burning cigarette can smolder between the cushions of upholstered furniture and go unnoticed for hours.

Whether it is cannabis or tobacco, properly extinguish and dispose of all smoking materials in large, deep ashtrays. Do not discard of any smoking materials in garbage cans or vegetation such as mulch, planter boxes, potted plants or landscaping, peat moss, dried grasses, leaves or other things that could ignite easily.

Don’t smoke in bed, or when you are drowsy or impaired by alcohol, cannabis, other drugs or certain medications.

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Smoke alarm safety

Working smoke alarms save lives! Install smoke alarms outside each bedroom and sleeping area. Put them on every level of the home

Make sure your smoke alarms work! Your family is not safe if they can’t hear the smoke alarms

Practice your home fire escape plan so everyone in your home knows what to do when the smoke alarm sounds

Test smoke alarms every month and replace 9-volt smoke alarm batteries at least once every year, or according to manufacturers' recommendations

Smoke alarms do not last forever. Get new smoke alarms every 10 years, or according to manufacturers' recommendations

If you have a broken or expired smoke alarm, replace it and drop it off for free at more than 200 recycling locations across BC. Learn more at productcare.org/alarms

When you hear a smoke alarm, you may have less than 2 minutes to get everyone outside and to safety

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