Emergency Management

OKIB's Emergency Management program coordinates and communicates emergency measures and information to OKIB members and residents living on OKIB reserves. The Emergency Management Program consists of three branches: the OKIB Fire Department; the Emergency Operations Centre; and the Disaster Recovery Group.

Follow these links to the appropriate page

OKIB Fire Department non-emergency 250-306-8477

In an emergency call 9-1-1

Emergency Operations Centre 250-306-9796

Disaster Recovery Team 236-600-0159 Ext. 1013

OKIB Freshet flooding emergency response public engagement survey

The Okanagan Indian Band is seeking your feedback regarding your experience of the Freshet flooding within the Community in May earlier this year.

The Band is reviewing its emergency response procedures to identify opportunities for improvement to ensure members and residents are informed and prepared and know where to seek official information should an emergency occur. Your feedback is valued and will contribute to the Band's ongoing efforts to enhance safety and communication protocols.

The survey will close on August 31st.

The public engagement survey is here:

  • Public Engagement


​ NEW Emergency Support Services Volunteer database - Sign up today

NEW Emergency Support Services Volunteer database

Learn more about Becoming a ESS Volunteer and or what ESS is..

What do Trained Volunteers Provide?

Volunteer responsibilities may include:

  • Coordinating the provision of
    • Food, clothing, and lodging
    • Emotional support
    • Pet care
    • Transportation
  • Family reunification
  • Identifying locations for reception centres and group lodging to house and feed people forced from their homes
  • Working with local businesses, service organizations and government agencies
  • Providing information about the crisis
  • Finding and coordinating other volunteers

Signing up allows for:

  • Allow Volunteers to Register to Become a Volunteer
  • Learn How to be a Volunteer
  • Provide what type of Training is needed to be a Volunteer
  • Chose their Dates and Time if Volunteer hours
  • Keeps track of ESS/ JIBC Training
  • Tracks hours of Volunteering

Click the link below to sign up:

Click here to sign up!

In order to be able to take the Registration and Referrals training All these Pre reqs are required. These Courses are available free on the Justice Institute of BC website