OKIB School Feasibility Study

April 7, 2020 - ​The School Feasibility Study is in its final stages and the report is available for OKIB members to read on the Members Only section of the website. The next steps in the process are outlined below.

School Feasibility Study Report

You must be an OKIB member to access the report. To access the report you must log in to your OKIB account on www.okib.ca

Video Contest youth winners

Xast ickʷulm | Good work!

Congratulations Delissa and Sophie for entering and winning the youth category of the School Feasibility Study Video Contest. Our team is so happy you took the time to show how important a new school is to our community, and is impressed with how your ideas were communicated in such a creative way. Tali xast i nqʷinm | Very nice singing. We hope that everyone will enjoy this video and stay inspired as we keep working towards making the new school a reality.

Lim lemt | thank you

The Purpose

The purpose of the School Feasibility Study was to communicate the need for a new school, and provide enrollment projections and building site options to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC, formerly INAC). This study will support OKIB in securing capital funding for the next stages of the project. The study describes the projected enrollment, site, size, and preliminary budget of the proposed school as well as information about current education programs and facilities.

The Study

An expanded executive summary has been made to condense the information contained within the larger document. McFarland Marceau Architects has prepared the study based on the information gathered from the project team, Chief and Council, and the OKIB community. Completing the study is an important first step that will lead to more opportunities to get involved, lim lemt for everyone’s support and feedback so far.

Information expanded upon in the study:

  • Population and location
  • Existing school programs and facilities
  • Identification of need (site, size & enrollment)
  • Project scope and cost

The Process

The study was presented to and approved by OKIB Chief and Council, and to ensure the best outcome of the funding application, the study will be submitted to ISC on April 10, 2020.

The Study Draft is reviewed by project team, community and approved by Chief and Council.

  • The Feasibility Study is submitted to Indigenous Services Canada, as part of a funding approval request to start the design phase.
  • ISC will review the application. Once funding is secured, the community will help form the design of the facility.
  • Once the design stage is completed, and tender is awarded, the construction stage begins.

How to access the study

To access the study you must log in to your OKIB account on www.okib.ca


Gareth Jones
Director of Education, Language and Culture
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-542-5094

Important Notice: School Feasibility Study COVID-19 Community Response Measures – SFS Community meetings

March 16, 2020

Way’ Piyiyat | Hello everyone,

This is a notice to inform the OKIB community about the School Feasibility Study project, and the plan to move forward as OKIB Implements COVID-19 Community response measures. This is a highly important project, and our team is working to find the best methods to ensure information is still available to community, and that time-sensitive deadlines are met. Your patience and understanding is appreciated, as the health of our community is the #1 priority.

Community Meetings Cancelled

The below meetings are cancelled until further notice.

  • March 23rd, 2020 – Draft review
  • April 6th, 2020 – Final Meeting

Every effort will be made to make the report available to OKIB membership in accessible formats, with the understanding that many members in our community may struggle with having computer/internet access. Our project team is considering the cost and viability of the communication options available and will provide updates on the SFS Webpage as plans are formed. Adequate notice will be given if/when new meetings dates are set.

Possible communication options:

  • Presentation materials and Draft to be available on the members-only section of OKIB Website
  • Postal mail-out of summary Feasibility Study to OKIB Membership
  • Live-stream of presentation – recording will be saved & available for future reference on OKIB Website

Lim lemt | thank you to all staff & community working through these challenges with the utmost care and dedication.

Please refer to official updates from OKIB Communications Department.

One Page Sfs Info Sheet 002
Childcare Photo 6 No Text

The vision for a new school has been shaped by many over the years. Watch this video made in 2013 where students of nk̓məplqs iʔ snmaḿýʔtn iʔ k̓l sqilʷtət share their ideas, hopes, and explain why they value the educational experience found only in our Cultural Immersion School.

Copy Of Charts Page 2
Transportation Hours

Below are three possible site plans and a fourth map that you can design yourself.

Which site plan do you like best?

Email your preference to [email protected]

The architectural firm of McFarland Marceau Architects Ltd. was the successful proponent through the RFP process. If you are interested in seeing previous work completed by the architects, check out their website at https://www.mmal.ca/

Presentations and Results of Previous Engagement Sessions

We have held three engagement sessions for the School Feasibility Study. Below is the information presented at the sessions and a summary of comments received.

Community Engagement Session 1 Nov 27, 2019 presentation
Community Engagement Session 1 Nov 27, 2019 summary

Community Engagement Session for North West Community Jan 16, 2020 presentation

Community Engagement Session 2 Feb 4, 2020 presentation
Community Engagement Session 2 Feb 4, 2020 summary

Community Engagement Session 3 Feb 25, 2020 presentation