OKIB School Feasibility Study

The Okanagan Indian Band will be conducting a school feasibility study over the next few months and we will be seeking your input. The final report will be finished in March, and prior to that we will be hosting a total of five Community Engagement sessions. In the mean time, please complete the online survey to provide your input.

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The vision for a new school has been shaped by many over the years. Watch this video made in 2013 where students of nk̓məplqs iʔ snmaḿýʔtn iʔ k̓l sqilʷtət share their ideas, hopes, and explain why they value the educational experience found only in our Cultural Immersion School.

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Transportation Hours

Below are three possible site plans and a fourth map that you can design yourself.

Which site plan do you like best?

Email your preference to [email protected]

The architectural firm of McFarland Marceau Architects Ltd. was the successful proponent through the RFP process. If you are interested in seeing previous work completed by the architects, check out their website at https://www.mmal.ca/

Introducing Kalli Van Stone, OKIB's School Feasibility Study Coordinator

Way̓ piyiyat,

Inca iskʷist sp̓aʔxʷawl̓əm, in suma iskʷist Kalli Van Stone. in tum̓ iskwists Brenda Louis, in mistəm̓ iskʷists Gary Van Stone. in k̓ík̓waʔ iskwists Mike Louis, kl nkmplqs sqəlxʷúlaʔxʷ ki mut. In stm̓tímaʔ iskʷists Edna Louis, kl chu chua ki mut. In qáqnaʔ iskʷists Doreen White. In qáqnaʔ i stuctwewsemc, uɬ in sx̌áx̌paʔ iskʷists Howard Van Stone. Kl nk̓məplqs iʔ snmaḿýʔtn iʔ k̓l sqilʷtət ki kn ck̓ʷul̓m i mus spintk. Apana kl Public Works and Housing ki kn cḱʷul̓m. kn limt i ck̓ʷul̓m uɬ i sc̓c̓malaʔ.

Hello everyone,

My name is sp̓aʔxʷawl̓əm, my english name is Kalli Van Stone. My mom’s name is Brenda Louis, my dad’s name is Gary Van Stone. My maternal grandfather’s name is Mike Louis, he lives on our reserve. My maternal grandmother’s name is Edna Louis, she lives in chu chua. My paternal grandmother’s name is Doreen White. She is from Bonaparte and my paternal grandfather’s name is Howard Van Stone. I worked at OKIB’s Cultural Immersion School for four years. Now I work at Public Works and Housing. I am happy to work with the youth.

I am very excited to be the School Feasibility Study Coordinator, and work alongside the dynamic group of people that are coming together to make this vision of a new school a reality. This project is very meaningful to me, and will fuse together some of my biggest passions; education, sqilxʷ ways of life, healing through language and culture, as well as community based data collection and decision making. I will be creative in the ways our collective strengths will be brought forward and communicated. I hope to create the environment in which our community members feel comfortable sharing their ideas, as the level of community engagement will be a determining factor in the size, location and types of amenities that will be made available in a new school. You will see a survey in the near future, and information about our first of five Community Engagement Session, and I will be available for contact throughout this process. I encourage you to call, email, or set up a time to meet with me.

Lim lemt,
Kalli Van Stone