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Cultural Requests and Language Translations

If you would like to have a sqilxʷ Drummer, Elder or Traditional Knowledge Keeper attend your event, check out the form and protocols below:

We can help translate your message into nsqilxʷcen (the language of the sqilxʷ people). Download our translation request form for details.

Language & Culture Programs

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Language & Culture Program Deliverables

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities are an important aspect of programming for our babies, children, youth, adults, and Elders to access and learn syilx Okanagan cultural protocols and cultural practices in the english and the nsyilxcen language. These activities teach and share how to harvest traditional foods and practice culture. Traditional activities create an atmosphere where children can learn from their parents and Elders, but also it helps our parents and Elders to learn how to teach and work with young children. The most important part of everyone being present at an activity is that the community get to visit one another. The Cultural Activities program is offered 2-4 times a month during the evening, with some occasional day sessions. The objective is to demonstrate to young children and youth that language and culture have a meaningful place in our community.

Tupa’s Kitchen

Tupa’s Kitchen is a program we offer to children, parents, and grandparents to teach families of young children how to prepare healthy traditional foods as well as foods that are sold by our local farmers. It is an opportunity to come together and re-establish relationships with community members. It creates an atmosphere where children can learn from their parents and elders, but also it helps our parents and elders to learn how to teach and work with young children. One of our main objectives is to reintroduce young children and their families the knowledge of how to gather and prepare sqilxʷ traditional foods. Our Elders share some of their memories of growing up in the kitchen with their mothers, family, and community mothers.

Cultural Camps

In 2017-2019, the Language Nest partnered with Health and Wellness team to deliver two four-day Cultural Camps to the community. The OKIB teams are reconnecting community to hands on cultural practices including: hide tanning, weaving, jewelry making, and carving. The OKIB Language and Culture Team would like to give thanks to all of the Fluent Speakers and Traditional Knowledge Keepers for their hard work and dedication to our sqilxʷ ways.

Who we are

x̓iyałnxʷ | Danielle Saddleman
Language and Culture Lead

Danielle is responsible is developing a strategic a consultation framework / community engagement strategy to enhance and support the acquisition of language and culture within Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) and for the planning and management of language and culture programs for the membership and organization. If you have a skill or a new idea you would like to share or see in community, please contact the Language and Culture Lead.

Contact Information

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Language Nest Coordinator
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Adult and Youth Language Teacher
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