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Congratulations Delissa and Sophie, winners of the youth category of the School Feasibility Study Video Contest

Posted On April 17, 2020
Xast ickʷulm | Good work! Congratulations Delissa and Sophie for entering and winning the youth category of the School Feasibility Study Video Contest. Our team is so happy you took the time to show how important a new school is to our community, and is impressed with how your ideas were communicated in such a creative way. Tali xast i nqʷinm | Very nice singing. We hope that everyone will enjoy this video and stay inspired as we keep working towards making the new school a reality. Lim lemt | thank you
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OKIB offices closed for three weeks; staff will continue to provide services

Posted On March 16, 2020
We are taking the extraordinary step of closing all OKIB offices for a minimum of 3 weeks, from March 17 to April 6, 2020 or until further notice. OKIB phone lines will remain open and staff are working remotely in order to do our best to provide the same levels of service that you are used to. Reception will direct calls to the appropriate staff. See the news release for important phone numbers.
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